Traditional Metal Braces

The Most Efficient & Cost Effective Solution

Beyond their traditional color, the only thing traditional about today’s metal braces is that you can see them.

Contemporary metal braces are made of super strong alloys derived from the space program. Their strength allows them to be the smallest of all braces and therefore the most comfortable. Their density makes them ultra slippery so teeth move faster than they ever have before. Today’s braces, in combination with other high tech materials mean fewer office visits to complete treatment.

Metal braces are used the most in orthodontic practices. Compared to the past, today’s braces, traditionally, are much smaller in size, thinner and feel more comfortable. People of all ages can use metal braces to aid in creating better smiles.

What are Braces Made Out of?

The most common braces are made out of stainless steel or titanium. There are also three main parts to braces that are comprised of:

  • Brackets — Using special glue, this part is attached to your teeth using a dental glue that keeps the braces in place for the length of you wearing them.
  • Archwire — This is the piece that connects each of the brackets together and puts slight pressure on the teeth to make them form into the shape your dental professional chooses.
  • Rubber bands — These are the colored bands that connect the brackets and archwires. In most cases, your orthodontist will change these bands out during your appointments.

How Braces Work

It’s simple. Once the braces are placed on your teeth, over time the pressure generated from these braces will align the teeth into the shape designated by your orthodontist. Each time you see your orthothodontist, he/ she may tighten the braces to achieve the results needed. Many times, patients may feel like their teeth are getting loose. This is very common and will subside once the braces come off. (Read, “Getting Used to Braces“)

Braces for All Ages!

With the advent of 3M Clarity, Invisalign and other options, traditional metal braces are still the most commonly used. They are the fastest and most cost effective solution at this present time for all ages. When you come in to see Dr. Gittess, he and his staff will determine the best possible solution for you.

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