Tuscawilla Florida – Orthodontist

A beautiful smile is important for both health and self confidence. Our goal is to help orthodontic patients in Tuscawilla Florida attain that beautiful smile. By straightening teeth, patients may rid themselves of hard to reach hiding spaces that are created by crooked and misaligned teeth, making it easier to achieve better tooth and gum health and to keep a brighter smile. We offer several different systems to help straighten teeth while catering to each patient’s individual preferences and needs.

Adult Braces

Many adults suffer with a smile that they are not confident with because they feel that it is too late to get braces. This is an unfortunate misconception, because adult braces are effective in straightening teeth. We offer several options for patients that would prefer to avoid the look of braces, such as Invisalign, ceramic braces, and lingual braces. These types of adult braces give patients a more natural-looking smile while helping to straighten teeth, so that Tuscawilla patients do not have to wait to have a smile that they can feel comfortable showing.

Invisalign vs. Braces

Tuscawilla braces patients often choose Invisalign vs. braces for a more natural look. Invisalign is a customized, clear plastic aligner that fits over a patient’s teeth to help correct misalignments. Invisalign is nearly invisible, hence the name, but works to gently shift the teeth into place. Braces may be more beneficial than systems such as Invisalign if a patient has issues such as tooth crowding or tooth rotation, however. Colorful braces are also trendy among teens and tweens, so some patients may prefer the look of traditional braces as opposed to Invisalign.

Braces Cost

We believe that no one should be deterred from attaining a straighter, more beautiful smile because of the cost of braces. Since braces patients may have different financial needs, we offer several different financing options that will help to offset braces cost. If Tuscawilla orthodontic patients wish to pay in full, we also offer discounts.

Orthodontic Insurance

Orthodontic insurance may also help patients to fit braces cost into their budget. Many dental insurance companies provide coverage for orthodontists. If a patient’s existing dental insurance does not cover orthodontic services, it is possible to purchase orthodontic insurance that may help to reduce the patient’s out-of-pocket expense. Patients are welcome to bring dental or orthodontic insurance information to their orthodontic consultation so that we can help them to verify coverage.

Doctor Randy L. Gittess