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Get an Amazing Smile

teen braces

Teenagers can be very self-conscious and having either crooked teeth can have a harsh effect on their self-esteem. Now with advancements in orthodontic treatment and the introduction of clear braces and aligners, those worries can be left behind and teens can achieve a perfect smile without having to sacrifice their look while doing so.

Gittess Orthodontics offers 3M Invisalign for perfect alignment without the need for metal braces and the restrictions they carry. We also offer other options for teen braces and teeth alignment, both clear and traditional. Schedule an appointment with us to determine the best option for your teen.

What Makes a Perfect Smile

Open a magazine. Which smiles do you like?
The ones that show teeth, and show a lot of them,
the straighter the better.

First It’s The Face…

  • Weak chins are grown fuller
  • Flat cheeks are supported
  • Lip to face fullness and prominence is adjusted
  • Vertical facial proportions are set (upper to mid to lower)

Then, It’s The Smile…

  • Hygiene is taught and tuned so it is pleasurable
  • The relationship between the width of the teeth and the width of the eyes is set
  • The teeth are placed in an inviting cascade from front to back, appearing in full into the corners of the mouth and then exposing only the front half of each tooth and every tooth, blending into a small corridor between teeth and cheek at the back of the mouth. The amount of tooth that shows when you smile and smile big is set, allowing for a youthful smile as you age. The midlines are centered. The plane of the bite is made parallel to the horizon.

You’re Not Alone!

There are many teenagers that currently have braces. You most likely know many of your friends in high school that have them as well. Nowadays, braces are so much more comfortable to wear and easier to maintain vs the braces of the past. You also won’t have to wear them as long as your parents did when they were your age.

Learn more about 3M Clarity for Kids and Teens here.

So, how long do I have to wear my braces?

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Here at Gittess Orthodontics, we know that every person is unique. No two patients will wear their braces the same time. Many factors are at play when determining the length of time you have to wear them.

A few of them are….

  • Whether or not you’ve had any work done from an orthodontist when you were younger.
  • Your mouth! Everyone is different. Just because your friend had braces for 24 months doesn’t mean you will have to. In fact, many of our patients only require roughly a year or so of treatment.
  • YOU! If you’re willing to take good care of your mouth and braces during the time they’re on your teeth it will decrease the time needed to have the best outcome.

What are the options when it comes to teen braces?

From traditional silver braces, to 3M Clarity clear braces and 3M Invisalign aligners, there’s a wide range of options for teenagers when it comes to straighter teeth. Contact us at 407-699-1200 to hear about all of the braces options.

What can I eat while wearing braces?

You can eat anything that doesn’t break braces off. Avoid the obvious…popcorn, toasted bagels, thick fried chips/Cheetos. See a recent blog post we wrote about it here.

Want to Learn More or Schedule a Free Consult?

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