First Visit to The Orthodontist

What to Expect

Orthodontics in Florida

First Visit?

On your complimentary first visit you will meet our Treatment Coordinator for a tour of our office. During the tour, one of our Certified Orthodontic Assistants will take radiographs of your teeth and jaw bones. This will enable Dr. Gittess to determine if orthodontic problems are present.

Dr. Gittess will then join you for a complete evaluation of your orthodontic condition with specific recommendations for your needs. Following your evaluation, you will be presented with the treatment cost for your orthodontic needs. Our services include a no interest payment plan that can be modified to meet different family needs.

Please allow 40-60 minutes for this initial visit in order to receive all the information you need to make comfortable decisions.

All of this is complimentary.

Our reception area offers spacious seating and is equipped with cable television as well as a telephone for your convenience. We want your visits with us to be enjoyable for all. Our children’s area includes a gaming playstation for their entertainment.

Computerization is standard throughout our facility. Upon arrival, our patients check themselves in by computer and communicate their availability to our assistants’ terminals. When appointments are completed and next appointments are made, patient’s arrival and departure times are recorded for school passes.

Our Radiology equipment is the most advanced available in the world today. The world’s foremost manufacturer of x-ray equipment, Siemens, designed our unit to take films with one-fifth the exposure of one simple bite wing x-ray taken to check for cavities. This virtually eliminates the risk from dental x-ray exposure. Additionally, our new x-ray unit has hospital style tomographic capabilities, which we regularly use to take pictures of bones deep within the temporomandibular joints.

Our Treatment Bay creates an open environment for patients and staff. Each treatment chair and unit are independent, full service units that allow every procedure at every chair.

Sterilization is of the utmost concern to all of us. We have three heat sterilizers in use all day long. Everything used in the mouth that is not sterilized is disposable. When our patients arrive and check in, the terminal at our sterilization theater indicates the procedure to be done so the proper service tray can be assembled.

Our team spirit is represented in all our staff, from the person who greets patients, to the lab technician. Come see us for yourself!

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