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The majority of braces patients are age 11 to 15. This means that the majority of orthodontic customers are parents or guardians. We understand that braces are a big commitment for the whole family. Many parents have a number of questions or concerns before beginning treatment. It’s important for parents to ask all of the important questions, and make sure that they’re satisfied with the answers. Parents can also benefit from insight and advice on supporting and providing for their children during this transitional phase into adulthood.

Teaching Responsibility – Oviedo, Florida

Naturally, some kids and teens will be more responsible than others. This is often related to the age of the braces patient. It’s important for parents to instill and enforce a sense of responsibility in their kids with braces. A sense of responsibility is especially important when it comes to dental hygiene. If the child needs rubber bands or other accessories to help move the teeth, they need to be worn regularly or treatment won’t be as effective. Sometimes, it’s a parent’s job to make sure these crucial rules are followed.

Enforcing Dental Hygiene

Braces provide special “hiding places” for food particles and bacteria to collect. Braces patients should be diligent in brushing and flossing after every meal. Failing to do so can create dangerous health complications, such as cavities and oral disease. If needed, parents should help their kids to develop responsible dental hygiene habits.

Sometimes, the only way to instill these habits is to “bug” kids. While your child is still new to braces, check in to make sure that everything is okay and that he or she is brushing and flossing regularly. If your child needs help, try your best to understand the issue. If the issue requires professional insight, call the orthodontist’s office or schedule an appointment to meet personally with the orthodontist. Sometimes, the orthodontist’s orders will bear more weight than yours – especially when your child or teen gets stubborn.

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Patience is Key

One of the most important things to remember as the parent of a child with braces is to stay patient. Kids may have habits that are detrimental to braces, such as chewing pencils or hard candy. Some kids need consistent reminders to make sure they’re avoiding bad habits and building good ones.

Dealing with Pain

Patience is important especially during the initial phases of braces, as they are often painful when the teeth first begin to shift. Listen to your child and try to help however you can. Prepare softer foods, such as soups and pastas. If possible, eliminate tempting-yet-dangerous foods from the home, such as popcorn, nuts, and other crunchy foods. Even after the initial pain subsides, these hard and crunchy foods should be avoided as much as possible, as they can break or damage braces.

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