Shark T-Shirt

For those kids or tweens who need more ‘grow’ time before we fix things up, we have our SuperCool Kid’s Club!

Get a Membership Card good for a pair of movie tickets each visit, a Certificate of Membership suitable for framing and a T-Shirt that earns a real silver-ish dollar coin at recall appointments. Recall appointments are usually scheduled every 6 months so members get comfortable coming in and growth changes can be monitored. Recall appointments are more casual than exams and are done chair-side in our beautiful, open clinical area.

Siblings of our patients are perfect member types for free movie tickets.

Gittes Braces Tshirt
Gittes Orthodontics Tshirt
Braces for Kids
Gittess Braces Kids Club

Earn Easy Money!

Got an appointment coming up? Remember to wear your Shark Tee Shirt into the office on your appointment day and get $1 cash. That’s right. We will pay YOU every time you show us the shark. How many times can you collect cash? Every time!