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Our teeth play an important role in our daily lives. Healthy teeth are essential for maintaining nutrition and avoiding oral disease. Straight, beautiful teeth can provide us with an extra boost of confidence during our daily social interactions, whether they’re personal or professional. We believe that every individual should be able to obtain the smile they’ve always dreamed of. We offer orthodontics to Casselberry, Florida patients who want to improve the health and aesthetics of their smile.

What Is Orthodontics?

When considering braces, many individuals will ask, “What is orthodontics?” Orthodontics is the treatment of teeth and jaw irregularities. The primary method for practicing orthodontics is through the use of braces. Orthodontists will also utilize tools such as headgear and expansion devices. Braces are often recommended for Casselberry patients who are unhappy with the positioning of their teeth or the way their jaws align.

Adult Braces

Adult braces can offer orthodontic treatment in a more discreet, less-noticeable manner. “Invisible” braces such as the Invisalign system use clear, plastic trays that allow patients to have straighter teeth without the bulk of metal brackets and wires. Ceramic braces are similar in color to the teeth, making them less noticeable than metal braces. Lingual braces are another alternative that are applied to the inside of the teeth so that others cannot see them. Casselberry patients who want to learn more about adult braces should schedule an orthodontist consultation to learn more about their options and eligibility.

Palatal Expander

A palatal expander is a special tool that is used to widen an orthodontic patient’s upper jaw. This way, the upper and lower teeth will fit better together. As a result, the patient experiences an improvement in their bite, which contributes to overall improved dental health. A palatal expander may be used prior to braces to make room for the re-positioning of the teeth. Palatal expanders are most commonly used in children. However, they may also be used in adults. Casselberry braces patients who schedule an orthodontic consultation will receive information on whether or not they may need a palatal expander.

Orthodontic Insurance in Casselberry Florida

Patients may be concerned about the cost of braces. Orthodontic insurance can help with costs by reducing out-of-pocket expenses for braces and other needed orthodontic treatment. Some dental insurance plans will offer coverage for orthodontic insurance. New Casselberry braces patients should ask their dental insurance company if it offers orthodontic insurance coverage. If not, patients may wish to get coverage through an orthodontic insurance company.

Dr. Randy Gittess