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Getting braces comes with some inevitable adjustments. When braces are first put on, patients will need to get used to the pressure they apply in order to shift the teeth into their desired positions. Of course, patients who get more traditional wire-and-bracket braces will need to get used to the new found objects in their mouths. Braces patients will also need to get accustomed to the maintenance required for braces, such as regular cleaning and wearing accessories and appliances like rubber bands and headgear.

Braces Pain

Every braces patient will experience some level of discomfort after their braces are first put on. This is because braces apply a significant amount of pressure on the teeth which immediately causes them to begin shifting. For this reason, the pressure, soreness, and pain are necessary for the teeth to move into their new, straight positions in the mouth. Braces pain and discomfort will vary among different patients. Patients should speak with their orthodontist to discuss some techniques for helping to relieve the initial pain and soreness associated with first getting braces.

Braces Pain Relief

There are a few techniques for helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort after first getting braces. Patients can try dissolving a teaspoon of table salt in a cup of lukewarm water. Once the solution is dissolved, patients can gargle by swishing the solution gently inside the mouth for a couple of minutes. Do not swallow the solution. This solution helps to kill bacteria, as well as provide some minor relief.

Pain Medications

Sometimes, rinsing with salt water may not be an adequate form of pain relief. If patients are still uncomfortable, a pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be taken. Make sure that patients do not have any health conditions that could cause complications from pain medications. Topical anesthetic gels can also be applied to the inside of the mouth to temporarily numb uncomfortable areas.

Preventing Sores

After braces are first put on, patients may get mouth sores from the metal components of braces rubbing against the inside of their mouths. Orthodontic wax can often help to alleviate and prevent these sores on the inside of the lips and cheeks. Application of orthodontic wax is simple. Patients should grab a small piece and rub it into a ball between their index and thumb fingers. The small ball of wax should then be applied to the top of the bracket that’s causing discomfort. Acidic foods and drinks should be avoided, as they will often irritate any open sores.


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