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The time has come: all the preparations are squared away and it’s time to have the braces put on. What should patients expect? It’s important to be familiar with the process of putting on braces, as well as how patients can prepare for the big day. During initial consultations, it’s important for patients and the parents of younger patients to ask as many questions as they need to thoroughly understand the process. Getting braces is a big change and will often take some time to get used to, especially for kids and teens.

Preparing for the Appointment

One of the most important preparations for the braces appointment is to make sure the patient’s teeth are clean. Make sure to brush extra thoroughly, and floss thoroughly as well. A spotless set of teeth is necessary before putting on braces, to make sure that there is no trapped food or bacteria. The orthodontist will take special steps to ensure the mouth is clean, but every bit of effort from the patient helps to speed up the process for everyone involved.

“The Last Meal”

After getting braces, the teeth will immediately begin to shift. This will inevitably cause some pain and discomfort. For the first few days after getting braces, many patients will need to eat softer foods such as soups, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs. This is why we encourage patients to eat the hard, crunchy foods they love during the days leading up to getting braces. That way, they won’t miss them as much while they’re getting acclimated to the braces.

Getting Braces

Most types of braces will typically take one to two hours to have put on. The same general process is used to apply metal and ceramic braces that utilize wires and brackets. Before the application process begins, the orthodontist will thoroughly clean the teeth and ensure they’re completely dry. A special tool will be used to hold the mouth open so that the lips do not touch the teeth. Since the entire process requires the mouth to be open, it may be beneficial for patients to bring lip balm to keep the lips moist and comfortable.

Applying Brackets and Wires

Once the teeth are dry and prepped, special bonding glue is applied to the surface of each tooth. The metal brackets are then bonded to the teeth. A special tool will be used to dry the bonding glue quickly. Once the brackets are bonded and the glue is completely dry, the orthodontist will place the wiring in the brackets. These archwires are then secured with elastic bands. Patients will typically have the option to customize these elastic bands by selecting which colors they would like.

getting braces

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