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OFFICES reopen 8AM on MAY 11- It’s a New Normal

As always, we have your family's safety and well-being foremost in mind. Please see the attached PDF to see the many clinical upgrades we have implemented on behalf of our patients, families and staff during this unique pause. We are now also able to offer certain Tele-dentistry services by way of virtual appointments. We have extended our office hours and are having less patients in the... Read More

An Update from Dr. Gittess on COVID-19

Please see our new Infection Control Practices now in place. Patient safety is our first priority! Our new air filter and purification system helps provide the best protection against contamination by CV19. This is simply 1 step in our 8-point safety... Read More

Health Benefits of Braces – Oviedo, FL

Apart from the aesthetic benefits of braces, there are also a number of health benefits that braces patients will experience. In many cases, patients with orthodontic issues may not be aware of the dangers associated with improper or misaligned teeth. As a result, braces patients can receive a wealth of benefits, ranging from personal confidence to improved dental and overall health. Patients... Read More

What are Lingual Braces? – Winter Springs Florida

After making the decision to get braces, the first question that needs to be addressed is which type of braces best suit the patient’s needs, wishes, and eligibility. Some types of braces may simply not be suitable for certain types of orthodontic conditions. For patients who are eligible, lingual braces may be a viable alternative to traditional braces. Lingual braces provide the special... Read More

What is Malocclusion of the Teeth? – Winter Springs Florida

Potential orthodontic patients who are doing their research on braces and orthodontic issues may come across the term “malocclusion.” Malocclusion describes misalignment between the upper and lower rows of teeth. As a result, malocclusion typically causes patients to experience bite issues that create an unusual – and potentially hazardous – distribution of pressure on certain teeth.... Read More

Identifying and treating TMJ – Oviedo, Florida

TMJ is the abbreviation for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. TMJ is a group of conditions that can affect several aspects of a patient’s jaw. The most common effect of TMJ is pain in the patient’s jaw and surrounding areas, such as jaw muscles and joints that control the movement of the jaw. TMJ is often difficult to pinpoint, as the symptoms and indications are often similar to other... Read More

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Getting Used to Having Braces – Oviedo, Florida

Getting braces comes with some inevitable adjustments. When braces are first put on, patients will need to get used to the pressure they apply in order to shift the teeth into their desired positions. Of course, patients who get more traditional wire-and-bracket braces will need to get used to the new found objects in their mouths. Braces patients will also need to get accustomed to the... Read More

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Getting Braces – The Big Day – Winter Springs, FL

The time has come: all the preparations are squared away and it’s time to have the braces put on. What should patients expect? It’s important to be familiar with the process of putting on braces, as well as how patients can prepare for the big day. During initial consultations, it’s important for patients and the parents of younger patients to ask as many questions as they need to... Read More

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Advice for Parents of Kids with Braces – Oviedo Florida

The majority of braces patients are age 11 to 15. This means that the majority of orthodontic customers are parents or guardians. We understand that braces are a big commitment for the whole family. Many parents have a number of questions or concerns before beginning treatment. It’s important for parents to ask all of the important questions, and make sure that they’re satisfied with the... Read More