Plaque is residual food molecules bacteria that causes tooth and gum decay if they aren’t cleaned up through brushing and flossing. It targets the tooth enamel, resulting in a cavity on the tooth’s surface.

Eventually, as plaque grow it becomes tartar, which results in Gingivitis, a red swelling and likely bleeding Read More->

So you’ve just gotten your shiny new braces on your way to a beautiful smile, but your current toothbrush just won’t do the trick anymore. You walk through the aisle at the store or online to shop, but can’t decide which toothbrush to choose. Have no fear, this will be Read More->

Can’t take time off work to take your kids to the orthodontist? Worried about your child missing school to get to an appointment? Gittess Orthodontics has your solution: the Braces Shuttle.

After the first appointment, our qualified driver picks up directly from school to bring your child to monthly checkups at Read More->

A  beautiful smile is key to many aspects of life. Here’s a video explaining the value of straight teeth.

Many people are afraid of braces because they think they’ll look badly. But often times, starting the process of improving your teeth — braces — is much more attractive than keeping your teeth crooked.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits of braces, there are also a number of health benefits that braces patients will experience. In many cases, patients with orthodontic issues may not be aware of the dangers associated with improper or misaligned teeth. As a result, braces patients can receive a wealth of Read More->

After making the decision to get braces, the first question that needs to be addressed is which type of braces best suit the patient’s needs, wishes, and eligibility. Some types of braces may simply not be suitable for certain types of orthodontic conditions. For patients who are eligible, lingual braces Read More->